Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Alex had a thought re. the maternity drive, as well as the Hospital maternity ward idea. Forthwith, Alex's ideas!

1) It may not be a bad idea to set up multiple collection sites for the drive. Perhaps work with security in Kimmel for something down in the lobby as well as...ish, another site maybe not on Washington Square, just so as to make it even easier for people to help, you know? This would of course entail more work on our part: checking on more than one collection site, etc., but if it's feasible, I think it's worth it. Having boxes in all the dorms might be a little much for us unless we dramatically increase our manpower having a hostile takeover of, say, the Campus Crusaders.

2) St. Vincent's Hospital and the University go waaaaay back to before the time of the founding of the President's C-Team, even. Sr. in charge of volunteer services at the Hospital, and she's the one we should talk to, methinks. I'm sure she'd be very glad to coordinate with us, given the goal of our mission and all.

Sorry I missed the meeting tonight! I was at the Catholic Centre almost all day, distributing ashes and serving at Masses and whatnot, and I didn't leave there until a quarter past seven. Sooo tired. Anyhow, let me know through the list or this blogging wonder how it went, won't you? Many thanks!

To Jesus through Mary (John Paul liked this one as a boy),


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