Friday, February 20, 2004

The (Very Short) E-board Meeting, etc...

Glad you guys have found the blog. Feel free to post information you find, ideas you have, links, etc.

Stuff we talked about (formally called "The Minutes"):

- Possible upcoming speakers include a pro-life doctor ("Dr. Bobby"), a minister (Vito Aiudo - did i spell that right?), and some NYU professors (Mark D'Young, perhaps Stoller, etc). Do you guys think we could get Slattery? I've sent an e-mail to Margand, asking him for assistance on finding pro-life rose stickers, local pro-life groups in the area, etc.

- Next week's meeting will be spent preparing for the debate with the Voices for Choice. I thought working on a power-point or projector presentation would be helpful. Also perhaps getting some models of a baby in the womb at different stages of growth (i have an 11 week plastic model, but there are more that we could get..if you think this is a good idea).

- I know i've probably said this so many times it's ridiculous, however, Saturdays from 8am - noon Father Benedict Groeschel's Franciscan Brothers of the Renewal hold a prayer-rally in front of an abortion clinic on 30th St. and Park Avenue. We sing hymns, pray the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Way of the Cross, etc, and if you wish you can assist the Friars in handing out information packets (with listings of alternative Pro-Life clinics in the City) to people on the street. Brian, would you be opposed to me making fliers about this weekly event (or even mailing the list-serve about it, maybe?) to put up around campus in case there are others who might want to come but don't know about it?

Alex thought of the wonderful idea that the getting-up-early aspect of this could be a good Lenten sacrifice.

- A banner. We should probably get one, and make NYU pay for it too. Brian, do you know how this is done, and which copy store makes them?

- A maternity drive. This very-positive-thing-that-nobody-in-his-right-mind-could-possibly-oppose would definitely help students find out about the club, since we could even contact our advisor to send out emails about this -- i'm sure she wouldn't have a problem with something so community-service oriented. Anyway, i think we should try to do this even *this* semester, perhaps in mid-March. How would it work though? Would we set up a place on campus where people could drop stuff on one day, or put boxes in all the dorms for people to leave? What do you think? Is this even a good idea?

- Contacting other Christian groups (such as the Campus Crusaders for Christ) to get the word out about the club, since we are losing a lot of members next semester and need to expand.

- Suicide hotline. I think this is a great idea, and we should probably contact a local hotline/campus hotline, even, and let them know our group would like to help out. Then we could post some stuff about how if anyone would like to volunteer, they can do it through our club, thereby getting the word out about the club to even more people. Woohoo!

- Volunteering in a hospital? I had this very out there idea that we need to get people into hospitals, into maternity wards, to actually *see* how beautiful it is when life is allowed to flourish. If we could get people to help out on weekends at say, a maternity ward or something, we might be able to get those people (many of whom may have never even held a newborn child) a closer glimpse at sonograms, infants, the expression on a mother's face when she gets to hold her child for the first time...well, it could do a lot of evangelizing. I don't know. This is not a thoroughly thought-out, well-conceived plan, and might be better left to next semester.

- Franciscans are the best. 'Nuff said.

- E-board meetings. As far as i can tell, they're scheduled for Thursdays, 7pm in the Catholic Center. John, you were in a hurry last time, is this time no good for you or was that a one time thing? Also, Rachel, can you get out of CR meetings or is it too important that you be there?

- There's more. I think. But i can't remember. Please post what you think, ideas, yeas or nays, All That Jazz (just finished watching Chicago...).

God Bless,


"Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda. Who is also the best.


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