Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Whew! Okay, the Long-Awaited-Minutes *cough*...

Sorry, this weekend was, how to say, insane. Anyway, what we discussed at the last Students for Life Meeting, as well as Thursday night after Newman:

- On Wednesday evening we mainly discussed what debate approach we are going to employ for the upcoming Voices for Choice debate. John suggested making a Ciceronian debate model, while I suggested we cover the debate topic by topic, including all aspects of our argument -- moral/philosophic, scientific, legal. Will and John discussed this extensively after the meeting as well, and will debrief us as to their conclusions at the next meeting.

- We also discussed what speakers we are going to use and where. I have made up a list of all potential speakers, and we are thinking of perhaps writing a couple of speeches and holding auditions to see where to place speakers in the line-up. Additionally, we discussed who should moderate the debate, and the presidents of both the College Republicans (Omar) and College Democrats (Michael) popped up as possibilities.

- Everyone will speak. I hope. Even audience members can ask questions, so we will assign all attending members (if they wish) a question to ask (or you can come up with your own) so that even if you are not a speaker you will have a chance to participate.

- If you have any friends from on-campus Christian organizations please urge them to attend. Even better if they want to help out. Some that spring to mind are the Campus Crusaders for Christ, Pax Christi, members of Newman, and even though the College Republicans don't really fit in here, i'm sure many are pro-life and would attend if invited. As a matter of fact, i will create small flyer-like invitations in a few weeks so you can just hand them to people you think might be interested.

- Dave Casavis, treasurer of the Metropolitan Republican Club, who i met by chance Thursday evening in the basement of Tisch Hall, has offered us the use of his clubhouse facilities on the upper east side if necessary for meetings. The Metropolitan Republican Club meets on Sunday afternoons at 3pm on 122 East 83rd Street, and hosts 10 dollar dinner socials the first Thursday of every month along with a bunch of other less frequent events. Apparently we can meet whenever we want. Why am i telling you all this. Well, check out the website and you'll discover the Metropolitan Republican Club was started in 1902 by Teddy Roosevelt. Okay, interesting, but so what? If our club wants to attempt to make a local legislative difference, these guys might be able to teach us how to do just that. They host campaign classes throughout the year, have sent people to Congress, the House, and have helped members campaign locally in the state of New York as well. Just a thought, anyway, but it could be worthwhile. Perhaps this is only appealing to me because of my dreams of becoming a "professional pro-life lobbyist," however, it might appeal to you guys as well, so, i share.

- We need to contact the Voices for Choice to settle on a date, folks to moderate, mechanics of the debate, etc.

- Roses? In order to get across the core of the pro-life message even more strongly, what do you think about passing out roses at the end of the debate to people in the audience as they leave, with numbers of local pregnancy crisis centers and adoption agencies attached on a little card? I mean, there are going to be people in the audience who have had abortions/might be thinking about it/etc, so this would be a good chance to at least arm them with *some* sort of pro-life information, as it is unlikely that they will get it from...*coughahemgag* NYU...

- Speaking of which.... we *need* to contact NYU health services and find out how we can petition them to change their policies regarding the way they advise pregnant students. As far as i know, it's either drop out or have an abortion. If anything, we should at least give them pro-life pamphlets with alternative pro-life options to give to questioning students (along with information about our club), as i am *sure* they won't get anything like that otherwise. What do you think?

- Maternity Drive. Thanks so much to Dave and Alex for commenting on the maternity drive, and i agree -- i think a dorm by dorm approach will have the best results, and i definitely think we could get most dorms to participate, as well as Newman. Will, perhaps you can let Becca know about this and she could announce it at the next Newman meeting?

- A thought for publicity. Do you think it would be a good idea if we wrote a short announcement for Father John to read at Mass, just to let the congregation know that we exist? I can print up some sign up sheets and we can place them in the lobby at the 6pm Mass with a couple representatives in case people want to sign up afterwards. Just a thought.

- As always, there's more. I'll sift through my notes tomorrow and post the rest. I have websites for you to check out, to help you gather your thoughts for the debate, and a bunch of great pictures.

God save the Queen,



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