Thursday, April 08, 2004

Random Notes... Just to Keep Track of Things

Sorry for lack of Minutes awesomeness. This is just a quick list of some things to keep in mind -- add anything i forget.

- Vito Aiudo is coming to talk about the pro-life argument from a Biblical standpoint on Wed, April 21st. Not sure on the time, though. Brian, 6:45 or 7:00 would be nice for us Rosary folk, and no, we're not changing it. :P

- Tabling on April 21st to publicize Vito's talk and attract new membership. A big thing i think we all learned at LifeFest is the importance of emphasizing what Chris Slattery has always said -- "before we make abortion illegal, we must make it unnecessary." I think offering an outlet for people to actively help expectant mothers who think they have "no other choice" than to get an abortion would definitely help improve membership, and is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the pro-life cause because we can actually save lives that way. Anyway, here's what we'll need for the tabling event:
-Paperweights (?)
-Table cloth
-The many brochures we have
-Blown up sonogram pictures
-Pictures of Ben Stein, Patricia Heaton, Miss NJ, Miss America, etc..
-A large sign for the front of the table with a sonogram related image/logo/picture(perhaps that beautiful "she's a child, not a choice" picture), with the club's name on it
-Fliers for Vito's talk (we have to talk about what we're putting on it..)
-An informational flier on the club itself, with a blurb on who we are, what we do, contact information, etc.
-Informational pamphlets/photo copies of the work Dave, Alex, Antonella, and Brian were putting together
-More? There's always more, so please post your comments.

- We need to email these people, since we spoke with them at LifeFest:
-John Margand
-Sr. Mary Grace
-Sr. Guadalupe
-Priests for Life
-The Adoption Lady who said we could get Ms. NJ to come speak for us for free (!)
-Chris Slattery, regarding a talk this semester
-Feminists for Life
-Anyone else?

And here's what we need to email them about:
-Materials/supplemental pro-life pamphlets, books, models, fliers, posters, stickers, balloons, etc.
-Networking and contacting other organizations that we could help and vice versa
-Getting speakers to come to the campus
-Organizing street counseling sessions/tabling events
-Just to let them know we exist, and get out our contact information

-Saturday, April 24th. Rossy from Expectant Mother Care asked me if we wanted to fill in for her at Fordham University where she was supposed to give a Pro-Life talk/workshop on the Right to Life that day. She can't make it, and wants to know if we're interested. Brian can't be there that day, but how about the rest of you? We can present it together and it might be a great way to network with other Pro-Life organizations.

-Sunday, April 25th is Operation Witness in Washington D.C. Anyone interested? I might be going, and if so i'm taking the Chinatown bus early that morning, getting there about noon. Chris Slattery will be there along with a whole bunch of people from the Priests for Life, Feminists for Life, American Collegians for Life, American Life League, ..etc. It's going to be a rough time since this is a counter-march to the March for 44,000 Infant Deaths, so if you have the guts, come join me.

- April 27th is National Pro-Life T-shirt day. So if you have one, wear it. If you don't, but you have a nice Catholic/Christian shirt, wear that. If you're not religious, you can buy the official shirt (it's beautiful!) at E-mail for more information, or call at 540-659-4171. If you don't have fliers for your dorm, let me know, i'll give them to you on Wednesday.

- If you're free on Fridays and would like to come with me to the Expectant Mother Care office in the South Bronx, let me know, and we can figure out a place to meet on campus or i can give you directions and meet up with you there. You'll learn how to counsel young men and women about abortion procedures, general information, and get them the help they need if any sort of pre-natal care is necessary. It's a wonderful organization and the people who work there saves countless lives every day ... i'm even thinking about making fliers to advertise this since it's such a great volunteer opportunity. If you know anyone who is pro-life, is a good people person, and would like to be officially trained, direct them to and give them my email address ( Oh, and regarding this Friday, if the women at Expectant Mother Care haven't handed out all the easter baskets we made them, you can help hand those out as well. I know tomorrow's Good Friday so that might not work for a lot of people, but next week or any time you have open would be absolutely fine.

Can't think of anything else at the moment but post anything i forgot. God bless!

-- Jenni


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