Sunday, May 09, 2004

Hip, Hip, Hurrah! and all that for the WHO being wrong. Again. Er-hemm. Anywho, I found this intriguing website while watching EWTN this morning at 4:30 or so. The URL is and it's a site for young women who have unexpectedly pregnant to come, share their stories, read about others who have gone before, and seek and receive support with their situations. I don't know if we can utilize this in some way, but it mightn't be a bad idea.

Also, Priests For Life have a "Face The Truth" campaign wherein 10 or 12 people line the sidewalks of areas of high traffic (pedestrian and automotive) with huge posters with images of the fetus, of aborted babies, and also of healthy newborns in an attempt to get people to "face the truth" of what abortion does to children. It was done with great success on Central Park South not too long ago (you know, by 5th Ave. and that hideous statue of General Sherman...). There's info on the project at and there's a link to the Face the Truth campaign.

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