Friday, July 02, 2004

From Life News...

British Figures Show Abortion Targets Teenage Girls

London, England ( -- Teenagers in England, and London in particular, continue to undergo abortions at an alarming rate, according to the latest statistical research. The figures show that more than three dozen girls under the age of 14 had abortions in a single year in London. Across Great Britain, more than 35,000 teenagers had abortions in 2002. One in ten of them was under the age of 16. In London, the problem appears to be particularly acute. More than 7,500 teenagers underwent abortions in London in 2002. More than 630 of them were under age 16. The figures have raised new questions about the effectiveness of the government's sex education program. Critics of the program say that the multi-million-pound campaign to reduce teen pregnancy is simply not working. “Teenage pregnancy--apart from the rare cases where the young person is married--is usually problematic, but aborting the child only causes a much bigger problem,” said Paul Danon of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. “Not only is innocent human life lost, but the girls then have to live with the psychological aftermath of abortion. Society's priority shouldn't be easier abortion--or easier availability of morning-after pills which can cause abortion--but help and support for all pregnant women and girls,” Danon said.


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