Saturday, July 17, 2004

Some incredibly interesting stuff from
I thought these deserved a look:
John Kerry Sponsors "Clone and Kill" Legislation Pro-Lifers Oppose
Washington, DC ( -- Senator John Kerry has attached his name to a "clone and kill" bill that pro-life organizations oppose because it allows scientists to clone unborn children only to be killed to obtain their stem cells for use in research. Some have called the legislation a ban on human cloning. Though it prohibits the grisly practice for reproductive purposes, the legislation allows the "clone and kill" practice for research. Kerry's cosponsorship of the legislation comes at an interesting time. He has joined other lawmakers and some in the research community who are putting intense pressure on President Bush to reverse his August 2001 policy prohibiting federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. Kerry has been using the issue to paint Bush as a religious extremist and claims his pro-life views prevent patients with various diseases from obtaining potentially beneficial treatments that scientists may someday derive from embryonic stem cells. That may explain why Kerry suddenly signed on to legislation that has been sitting for over a year and isn't expected to receive a Senate vote anytime soon.
Petition: Democrats, Republicans Should Acknowledge Abortion Hurts Women
Washington, DC ( -- A coalition of groups that help women who suffer from post-abortion problems has drawn up a petition for Republican and Democratic leaders imploring them to recognize the negative effects of abortion. They want both political parties to adopt language in their platforms that encourages post-abortion counseling programs and research of abortion-related complications. "Approximately 30 million American women have had one or more abortions," states the petition. "But neither major political party has acknowledged their unique experiences and concerns. These 30 million women, and millions more who empathize with them, represent a growing contingency of disenfranchised voters." The petition is addressed to Republican party chairman Edward Gillespie and Democratic party chairman Terry McAuliffe. Citing the "Forced Abortions in America" report by the Elliot Institute, the petition states that 30 to 60 percent of women who have an abortion felt pressured to do so, and most women who undergo an abortion procedure are faced with at least one negative physical or psychological reaction.


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