Monday, August 09, 2004

The "Free Speech" Zone...

The following few posts contain a lot of info on what happened to the Operation Witness protesters at the Democratic National Convention last week. As many of you know, i was all ready to go ... and actually on my way ... when my car unfortunately broke down. This, is what i missed: (and i still can't believe it ... i thought the only solid vocab dems use more than 50,000 times a conversation was "free speech" ... little did i realize that "free speech" to democrats means barbed wire and armed guards when you don't agree with their so-called "liberal" opinions).

Correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't see how this situation could possibly be liberating ...

Pro-Lifers' Cries Squelched During DNC in Boston
More Photos from the DNC
Gan Golan of describes the "free speech zone" -- Read this. It's sick. Also read the Associated Press article in the comment section.
Pictures of the "Free Speech" Pen -- Not only is the very idea of this zone a complete smack in the face to freedom, the place looks kind of.. well... dangerous! It's basically under a pile of construction work. How sweet. Who are the fascists, now? Tell me again?
Rick Klein of the Boston Globe weighs in, February 2004
Judge upholds "free speech zone" but permits march on FleetCenter -- Please explain to me why you "need" such a zone in Boston, meanwhile no such preparations are being made in New York?

I just want to point out that, while I saw some coverage of anti-war, workers union protests on the news during the DNC, i saw absolutely nothing about anti-Kerry, pro-life demonstrations at all. The pro-lifers weren't even allowed to be present for the media, or the delegates, at the start of the convention, as they were relegated to their "cage" blocks away from the FleetCenter. I could be wrong. Maybe the issue was covered on the news. But i highly doubt it. Compare the amount of anti-Kerry vs. pro-Kerry coverage at the DNC (and don't tell me "the anti-Kerry side just didn't show" because they did -- you just didn't see them on TV) to the amount of anti-Bush vs. pro-Bush coverage at the upcoming RNC, and then try to tell me that "there is no liberal media bias" with a straight face. Go ahead. I dare you.

I love 1984... but i don't want to see it realized. This "free speech" cage is a complete attack on our right to speak our minds and spread our message.

So, please, pro-lifers, V-O-T-E!


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