Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I'm tired and don't feel like re-writing some of this so...

I'm just re-posting the dialogue that took place in the comments section of one of the previous posts so it's easy to see and out in the open, as it includes some info about ectopic pregnancies, and the very small number of abortions that fall under the "rape, incest, life of the mother" category so often cited by pro-choicers (their march, while ridiculously titled, was called "the March for Women's Lives", after all).

Thanks for the comments, people!

Vanessa said...

Republicans have been doing the same thing forever. Cheney recently visited Oregon and protesters couldn't get within several blocks of him. You have the right to have a different opinion, but that does not mean politicians will ever see you picketing.

Did you know that there are a lot of babies who are born at full term, who still die. Doctors label them stillborn. You want something to get mad about, get mad that babies who are wanted, and loved, die at an alarming rate in this country and we are silent about them. I wish the pro life community would raise a fuss about that.
3:24 AM

Brian said...

Hey Vanessa, Ontop of free speech, our First Amendment Rights include:

1.) Petition the government.
2.) Meet and assemble peaceably.

If that's not the definition of picketing, I dunno what is. So our 1st Amendment Rights really were caged, girl.
10:36 AM

Jenni said...

Please look at some of the pictures posted of that cage and let me know if the experience you described was as reminiscent of a concentration camp as that -- obviously, space must be made *somewhere* for protesters to go, and often getting your message read by those who need it is often unfeasible. But, to have such a space under a construction site, with guards looking down at you and barbed wire on the fence? I don't see how that can possible compare -- and come on, if the Republicans made a "zone" such as this for their protesters, the Dems would throw such a crapfit it would all over the news for weeks. Any party that engages in such blatantly police-state behavior ought to be disbanded. I am pointing out one of the most extreme cases i've ever seen, here. Perhaps you have heard of this (doubtful), although this is also a good read about the incident, or even more horrific, this act of feminazi violence. I've been protesting these people since i was eight years old, and i know -- they are notorious for their intolerance of outside opinion, *especially* the pro-life message (even their very own Democrats for Life were completely shut out of the DNC). Read the stories above -- esp. the one about the college student literally dragged away from a public event by insane, intolerant, violent Kerry supporters. She was surrounded and dragged over gravel -- not by cops, but by Kerry-ites. Her feet were bleeding afterwards. Doesn't that strike you as just a tad insane? Absolutely nothing was done by Kerry or anyone in his campaign, and i am still wondering what happened to the media regarding this story. Maybe they were eating lunch...

I personally experienced much the same attitude when i was nearly assaulted at the "March for Women's Lies" in April, after being spit on, told my mother should've aborted me, given orders to kill myself at NYU's Bobst Library, flipped off by eighty year old women, and screamed at for a full four hours by hundreds of thousands of "open-minded" liberals. Not one person wanted to engage in any sort of thoughtful discussion (nor have they when i set up my pro-life tables and fetal models in the middle of Washington Square), or even just be respectful or courteous -- they just wanted to hate, and i have never seen such intense hatred targeted at such calm, prayerfully protesting individuals in my *entire life*. This is the hypocrisy i am pointing out, and i condemn this behavior on all sides, as i'm sure you do too. But you must admit that there is far more tolerance for "pro-choice" Republicans than there is for pro-life Democrats, who are basically unrecognized and shunned by their own party.

Finally, i assume you mean babies who die of natural causes after birth (though stillbirths are awful too). This is horrible, and so unfortunate. These deaths are not, however, induced by force*, and can only be brought to a minimum with medical advancements. Abortion is murder induced on a child because of convenience** -- forced stillbirth, forced miscarriage, whatever you want to call it. The fact is, someone willingly performs the act of murder, as opposed to death unfortunately, but naturally, occurring. See the difference?

*Although, some evidence suggests that stillbirths are more likely to occur when a woman has had past abortions.

**2% of all abortions are a result of "rape, incest, life of the mother" situations. By the way, what is normally referred to as "life of the mother" abortions is usually called an ectopic pregnancy, when the child will die and kill the mother as a result, and therefore needs to be removed -- it's a very rare, but very sad complication that is clearly a necessary procedure to save the mother from death by internal bleeding. Again, this is extremely rare, making up about 2% of all abortions. We are fighting against the other 98%, in which children die when it is not medically necessary, but only because the mother feels she has no other choice than abortion.


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