Monday, September 13, 2004


Just a quick word from your friendly Ave Maria University Students For Life liason here in sunny Florida: A remarkable idea was made known to me two weeks ago, at the first meeting of the AMU SFL of the academic year that I wanted to pass along. Every Saturday, a group of SFLers here get in cars and University vans to drive the 45 minutes to Fort Myers, where there is an abortion clinic (there's a Planned Parenthood office in Naples here, but they only offer instructional materials on abortions, not the actual services, so are of a lesser priority for protesting and pray-ins). However, and this is the interesting twist, half of the students actually go to the site to pray and some participate in the sidewalk counseling (to some success, recently, I might add, so thank God!), but the other half of the group, or rather those who don't feel comfortable actually being at the clinic, remain here on campus in our Adoration Chapel before the Blessed Sacrament exposed making intercession and doing other spiritual warfare stuff (Divine Mercy chaplets, rosaries, litanies, and other things).

Now, I know this probably doesn't appeal to our non-Catholic brethren, but for those of us who believe in the Real Presence, doesn't this just make so much sense?! I mean, it's kind of like what the contemplatives do, praying to bring down graces and other such from Heaven on the work. Kind of fighting on more than one front. Which is always a good thing. So, there you go.

Also, I just have to say how remarkable and great it is to see all the Respect Life license plates around campus, and the "Pro-Life" bumper stickers and (perhaps most importantly, as far as the short term goes) the "Bush-Cheney '04" bumper stickers. I know, though, that it could be easy for me to fall into the trap of thinking there isn't a potential crisis on the horizon, being here. So, in an effort to keep me in touch with 'the world,' feel free to burst my optimistic, Spirit-inspired bubble at any time with grim, hard statistics.

And see if you can't get a copy of the Reverend Dr. Charles Swindoll's 1990 book, The Sanctity of Life. It's an easy read, along the lines of Rev. Ensor's Answering the Call. There's a great chapter on the Plea for Morality too, re. sexual purity. Teehee...maybe you could discuss it at a meeting. Then again, it's kinda anti-contraceptive (which it should be!) and I know how the NYU SFL has been unwilling to come down on one side or the other of that particular fence.

This post is too long; it's done now! 'Bye now, and God love you!


Blogger Brian said...

Hey Alex!

That's an awesome idea! Except, y'know, for the Eucharistic worshipping. But I like the idea of the teamwork that's involved.

Is your group going down to the March for Life in January? It'd be really great if we could happen to, ehh, arrange to bump into each other.

And when're you comin' up to New York? You totally promised you would!

4:40 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

I know, I did say I will be visiting, and I will be! I just don't know when yet...hoping for some time during my brief fall break (Oct. 29ish to the Nov. 2nd). I'm planning to be in Washington D.C. for Father Beers' (the dean of the Pre-Theologate) 25th Jubilee Mass at the National Shrine, maybe I can pop up on the Acela for a day or something.

AMU SFL is indeed planning on attending the March for Life in January, but we've over 50 members as of right now, and these things cost money. Sadly, we can't all pile into a bus; it's a 22 hour drive, and few people seem interested in making that. Course, if there is a bus, I'm on it all the way, baby. So yeah. If I'm heading up there, you'll surely know!

'Bye now, and God love you!

8:14 PM  

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