Tuesday, July 20, 2004

And here are the links to the posters. Please comment. Note: these are PDF files.





Blogger Jenni said...

Dave thanks so much for posting the flyers! They weren't working on my computer when i downloaded them via email, so ... thanks. Will post comments shortly.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

Hey guys,

Quickly, the Biblical quotes here are missing the words "womb" and "cannot" in the .pdf versions. They're on the flyer that we'll be printing up, but I'll see about fixing them for the blog.

The schedule of events is just filler right now. I'm working on Fr. Frank Pavone, but he hasn't been confirmed. If or when he is confirmed, I of course will keep his current write-up. It is, after all, quite accurate.

Thanks, Alex, for the comments in your email. You're absolutely right, the quotes are coming from one Hell of a Good Book.

As per some suggestions, I'm going to try and brighten and clear-up the full-sized sonograms. If someone has an image they love and think appropriate, email it to me and I'll see about substituting it.

The same goes for the smiling girl. I was aiming at a headshot, so that "Strength and Dignity" would be her clothing. But I'm not really attached to the picture that's there, and you do have a point about moderate clothes, Alex. If someone has a photo of someone young, magnetic and smiling, email it to me and we'll see what we can do.

Actually . . . what about Rossy at the 149th St. EMC center? I'm sure she'd pose. Is there any chance you have a digital camera, Dave?

Thanks, Jenni, for being so photogenic in your protests. That helps us a lot.

Finally, I haven't heard yet about the budget, but we'll probably be posting most of these in black and white. There's a few "safe" places, like the Catholic Center, that might be worth printing color copies. I dunno, it depends on how things turn out.

Dave, would you do me a favor? Point Marelisa or someone to our blog and see if y'all would want to use them for the Columbia Catholics for Life. We can change the logo, and they might even have some suggestions. I'll also email Rose Spear at Fordham to see if they've any thoughts.

Finally, I need ideas for what to do after this campaign. Le'me know if you have any suggestions.

Thanks y'all.

7:25 PM  

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