Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hey guys, I just went to a Susan B. Anthony list at Princeton, sponsored by Princeton Pro-Life. It was mostly about fundraising and political stuff, which CCL's not too involved in, buuuuut if you're interested in the info I can run off some photocopies or whatnot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please think about attending this historic conference...especially since its so cheap for students and you guys are so close.

We need a good crowd of pro-life students attending!

10:13 AM  
Blogger Mike Hill Sierra said...

Hi, sorry I write here, but I did not know how to contact Students for Life at NYU otherwise.
Congratulations for your work!
I am at the board of a well established pregnancy crisis center in Chelsea, not far from NYU, and we are looking for volunteers who might want to work at the center for a couple of hours a week. Would it be possible to try to contact people through your organization? Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts at my Blogger account or my e-mail "" - Thanks, Sebastian

9:19 PM  

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