Friday, March 26, 2004

Good news:

Dear Feminist for Life,

Thank you for encouraging your senators to support the Unborn Victims of
Violence Act—also known as Laci and Conner’s Law—and to oppose both the
Feinstein and Murray amendments.

On March 25, 2004, the Senate passed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act by
a vote of 61-38. The President has promised to sign the bill.

Women and men overwhelmingly support the Unborn Victims of Violence Act
(UVVA), which recognizes an unborn child as a legal victim when the child
is injured or killed during the commission of a federal crime of violence
against a pregnant woman.

As you know, Sens. Feinstein and Murray proposed amendments, which were
designed to kill, or at least vitiate, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

Sen. Feinstein’s amendment refused to recognize that crimes of violence
against a pregnant woman have two victims. The Feinstein alternative
failed by a vote of 49-50.

Sen. Murray’s long and burdensome requirements would have mired the UVVA
and rendered it ineffective. The Murray Amendment needed 60 votes to waive
a budget point of order to proceed, but failed by a vote of 46-53.

It was an honor to testify on your behalf before the U.S. House Judiciary
Constitution Subcommittee in support of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for making sure your Senators and
Representatives knew that you supported this important legislation.

Together we will continue our work to protect both women and children from
all forms of violence.

For women, for life,

Serrin M. Foster

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Happy Feast of the Annunciation!

Minutes coming soon. Operation Easter Bunny under way. Slattery's taking the baskets to his South Bronx center and i'm going to meet him there tomorrow at 1pm. They close at 5 or 6 so if you're available after that please, please, come. Let me know if you're coming so i can give you directions.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

E-mail to the list was as follows:

Hey guys,

We'll be holding a meeting tomorrow (3/24) on the 9th floor of the Kimmel
Center at 6:30pm. I am terribly sorry for the short notice, but, we are hoping to kick off a project called "Operation Easter Bunny" tomorrow in which students prepare Easter basket care packages for expecting mothers and their unborn children. Tomorrow, we will be putting together the care packages and decorating Easter baskets in order to hand them out to mothers in need on Friday, March 26th, at the Expectant Mothercare Pregnancy Crisis Center in Brooklyn and the South Bronx.

If you can make it, that would be absolutely wonderful because we could
really use the help. If you have some art/craft supplies on hand, it'd be
great if you could bring them along.

The more items, supplies, and baskets we have, the more gifts we will be
able to make for the near 4,000 mothers Expectant Mothercare helps every
year. We're hoping to put together at least 30 - 50 Easter baskets to
surprise the mothers who come into the center on Friday with an Easter gift.
If you have any spare time and a little extra change, and would like to
pick up a few items at the dollar store or supermarket to put in the
baskets, that would be fantastic.

We need: Easter baskets, decorations (pastel/easter wrapping paper,
stickers, fake green stuffing-grass, colored cellophane, etc.), candy,
rattles, diapers, infant outfits, baby calendars, pacifiers, toys, books,
and anything else you can think of... it's completely up to you.

I'm going buy some Easter baskets and various items, but we need everyone's help to make this work. Just five dollars spent at the dollar store would help tremendously. If you'd like to come on Friday to help give out the
baskets please contact us and we'll set up a place to meet on campus before
leaving for the Center. Again, apologies for the short notice, and thank
you so, so much if you are able to help in any capacity.

Have a great week!

Thanks again.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

It's settled.

Tomorrow the Grad Students aren't holding a meeting in the apartment where we usually have Newman. So, we'll be in there most likely, and i will either have a VHS of Life is Beautiful or a portable DVD player handy along with the DVD. I MIGHT be about ten minutes late though, since my class ends at 6:10, regularly (i might get out early tomorrow). So. At any rate.

Life is Beautiful.
Thompson Center.


See you guys tomorrow.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Dave, good idea. Tomorrow after my 9:30am class i'll stop by the Catholic Center and try to find Father John to ask him about that. Also, i'll email everyone i can the fliers i'm in the process of making for the event -- if you could print them out at either the Tisch Hall computer lab or the 3rd North one (maybe like, 20 or 30 copies) and put them in your dorms/around campus/in the Silver Center/etc that would be a great help. I'll be doing the same!

God bless,

Ah, I think those Catholic law students may be meeting in there in your specified time, hence the difficulty involved. Which would mean that you would be in the other room across where we were doing Newman before we got our regular room back, and I think that only has a VCR, though I could be wrong. Maybe someone could check tomorrow/steal the DVD from the living room and put it in the other room?

Never fear Alex...

I *think* the Thompson Center living room where we have Newman (which is where i thought we might watch it) has a DVD player in it. Is that correct?

Oh no! My Blockbuster-card-carrying friend and I went to the ol' Video Rental Store last night (Saturday) and to our horror! discovered not only that "Life Is Beautiful" was rented out, but that they only have it in DVD format! No need to panic; we've got a little time to brainstorm and figure this out...I hope! I'd put this out to the list, but I don't know what the address is...durr!

Friday, March 05, 2004

Mini Pro-Life Victory!

Yes, well...I noticed yesterday as I was walking down our stairwell that some person/persons/or creature had violently removed one of those nifty new flyer-posters we got at the last meeting. You know, the one with the precious little girl and the caption "Is this the face of the Enemy?" He/She/It had folded it and left it lying sadly upon the floor! Well, I promptly righted our sad little friend, and the same thing has not happened a second time! Yay! Maybe they got bored tearing down pictures of cute little babies, who knows? Maybe they'll also tire of killing cute little babies, too. Maybe...

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

By the way...


PRO-LIFE VICTORY -- House Passes Unborn Victims of Violence Act: Next Step, The Senate Vote
February 26, 2004
Today the House passed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act by a measure of 254 to 163. This much needed fetal homicide legislation would recognize unborn children as victims when they are injured or killed during the commission of a federal crime.

The Bush Administration strongly supports the Unborn Victims of Violence Act and encouraged Members to promptly pass the H.R. 1997 in a statement released yesterday.

The bipartisan vote included all of the pro-life female Members of the House of Representatives: Marsha Blackburn (TN); Barbara Cubin (WY); Jo Ann Davis (VA); Jo Ann Emerson (MO); Katherine Harris (FL); Melissa Hart (PA) (the sponsor of the Act); Candice Miller (MI); Marilyn Musgrave (CO); Sue Myrick (NC); Anne Northup (KY); Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL).

The House also defeated a "single-victim" substitute, which would have only increased the penalties for a crime where an unborn child was hurt or killed, but would not have recognized that child as the second victim.

"This bill says it like it is: there are two victims when an expectant mother and her unborn child are hurt," said Jennifer Bingham, Executive Director of the Susan B. Anthony List. Click Here to view the SBA List complete Press Release.

The next and most difficult step in enacting this bill, also known as Laci and Conner's Law, will be passing it through the Senate. The SBA List has generated over 140,000 letters and petitions on this issue, but we cannot stop there. Click Here to send a letter to your Senators to ask them to support of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

Click Here to learn more about the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

Whew! Okay, the Long-Awaited-Minutes *cough*...

Sorry, this weekend was, how to say, insane. Anyway, what we discussed at the last Students for Life Meeting, as well as Thursday night after Newman:

- On Wednesday evening we mainly discussed what debate approach we are going to employ for the upcoming Voices for Choice debate. John suggested making a Ciceronian debate model, while I suggested we cover the debate topic by topic, including all aspects of our argument -- moral/philosophic, scientific, legal. Will and John discussed this extensively after the meeting as well, and will debrief us as to their conclusions at the next meeting.

- We also discussed what speakers we are going to use and where. I have made up a list of all potential speakers, and we are thinking of perhaps writing a couple of speeches and holding auditions to see where to place speakers in the line-up. Additionally, we discussed who should moderate the debate, and the presidents of both the College Republicans (Omar) and College Democrats (Michael) popped up as possibilities.

- Everyone will speak. I hope. Even audience members can ask questions, so we will assign all attending members (if they wish) a question to ask (or you can come up with your own) so that even if you are not a speaker you will have a chance to participate.

- If you have any friends from on-campus Christian organizations please urge them to attend. Even better if they want to help out. Some that spring to mind are the Campus Crusaders for Christ, Pax Christi, members of Newman, and even though the College Republicans don't really fit in here, i'm sure many are pro-life and would attend if invited. As a matter of fact, i will create small flyer-like invitations in a few weeks so you can just hand them to people you think might be interested.

- Dave Casavis, treasurer of the Metropolitan Republican Club, who i met by chance Thursday evening in the basement of Tisch Hall, has offered us the use of his clubhouse facilities on the upper east side if necessary for meetings. The Metropolitan Republican Club meets on Sunday afternoons at 3pm on 122 East 83rd Street, and hosts 10 dollar dinner socials the first Thursday of every month along with a bunch of other less frequent events. Apparently we can meet whenever we want. Why am i telling you all this. Well, check out the website and you'll discover the Metropolitan Republican Club was started in 1902 by Teddy Roosevelt. Okay, interesting, but so what? If our club wants to attempt to make a local legislative difference, these guys might be able to teach us how to do just that. They host campaign classes throughout the year, have sent people to Congress, the House, and have helped members campaign locally in the state of New York as well. Just a thought, anyway, but it could be worthwhile. Perhaps this is only appealing to me because of my dreams of becoming a "professional pro-life lobbyist," however, it might appeal to you guys as well, so, i share.

- We need to contact the Voices for Choice to settle on a date, folks to moderate, mechanics of the debate, etc.

- Roses? In order to get across the core of the pro-life message even more strongly, what do you think about passing out roses at the end of the debate to people in the audience as they leave, with numbers of local pregnancy crisis centers and adoption agencies attached on a little card? I mean, there are going to be people in the audience who have had abortions/might be thinking about it/etc, so this would be a good chance to at least arm them with *some* sort of pro-life information, as it is unlikely that they will get it from...*coughahemgag* NYU...

- Speaking of which.... we *need* to contact NYU health services and find out how we can petition them to change their policies regarding the way they advise pregnant students. As far as i know, it's either drop out or have an abortion. If anything, we should at least give them pro-life pamphlets with alternative pro-life options to give to questioning students (along with information about our club), as i am *sure* they won't get anything like that otherwise. What do you think?

- Maternity Drive. Thanks so much to Dave and Alex for commenting on the maternity drive, and i agree -- i think a dorm by dorm approach will have the best results, and i definitely think we could get most dorms to participate, as well as Newman. Will, perhaps you can let Becca know about this and she could announce it at the next Newman meeting?

- A thought for publicity. Do you think it would be a good idea if we wrote a short announcement for Father John to read at Mass, just to let the congregation know that we exist? I can print up some sign up sheets and we can place them in the lobby at the 6pm Mass with a couple representatives in case people want to sign up afterwards. Just a thought.

- As always, there's more. I'll sift through my notes tomorrow and post the rest. I have websites for you to check out, to help you gather your thoughts for the debate, and a bunch of great pictures.

God save the Queen,